Motivation letter for Bachelor in Business Administration sample
Motivation letter for Bachelor in Business Administration sample

As we wrote before, business administration can be studied both at bachelor and master level. The courses are designed with a goal to equip students with the skills necessary to perform leadership roles in various business entities. The university program usually incorporates one or more of the following subjects: Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operational Management and/or HR Management.  If you plan to apply soon for University than writing motivation letter for Bachelor in Business Administration is certainly essential step.

The motivation letter to study business administration (or BBA) has to be tailor made, so we cannot provide universal template. However we have prepared one sample of motivation letter for Bachelor of Business administration, for a prospective student who would like to enrol on CEU, Hungary.

Motivation Letter Sample for Admission in University

Motivation letter for Bachelor of Business Administration

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am writing this motivation letter to apply for the Bachelor’s degree course in Business Administration at Central European University, the most renowned and diverse university in Hungary, for 2021 intake.

As a highly ranked, CEU is also a very diverse university in Hungary, attracting 60 different nationalities who study together and interact with each other. That’s what appealed to me, because I believe it will help me better understand different cultures and working/studying styles.

After careful review of course curriculum, it was clear that this program was designed for me. All the subjects seem interesting and relevant. I especially liked course in strategic management and marketing, because that is the field where I would like to specialize. I have always wanted to work as an entrepreneur and to achieve that objective, I believe your university can help me to turn my dream into reality. A successful entrepreneur, in my opinion, needs to be confident, open minded, creative, passionate, and risk taker. By attending your university, I can pave my path to my dreams because Bachelor in Business Administration degree at your university covers different topics in detail, that will allow me to build skills and gain knowledge required to become a successful entrepreneur or a business consultant. In particular I liked the fact that your university provides opportunities, like workshops and open forums that open door to hands-on experience with solving day-to-day problems.

During my schooling and after graduation, I have volunteered at in local food processing company where I have participated in various activities, including decision making meetings with the employees, advising and understanding their working process which made them excel at their work. As the most challenging I would like to make a reference to one occasion, where I had to perform as the group leader with all the responsibilities of a leader like bringing the team together and delegating tasks according to each member’s strengths and weaknesses.

All these experiences had increased my interest to continue my education and enrol in Bachelor in Business Administration program.

This program will help me to develop myself as a team leader and cultivate the leadership and communication skills necessary for my future career. I will be responsible not only for myself, but also for the whole team, which I believe is essential for a business manager. I know that studying abroad is challenging thus my experiences will be an aid to withstand any circumstances. I hope to contribute my talents and efforts to study in Hungary and become a worthy member of the community.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope that I can be the part of CEU.

Kind regards,

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