Trọn bộ Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3 [FULL PDF + AUDIO]Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3

Trọn bộ Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3 [FULL PDF + AUDIO]
Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3
Big Step TOEIC is designed to help learners improve, improve their TOEIC score in the shortest time. The book is simple, easy to understand, has clear criteria and the exam system is very friendly to the real exam. In addition, the Big Step Toeic Textbooks 1, 2, 3 also offer the type of questions corresponding to actual TOEIC questions, addressing the tastes and levels of learners.

The most striking feature of this document is that the LC and RC sections are made up of a unique document that explains the same content, giving beginners access to the TOEIC Exam Preparation.

Download BIG STEP TOEIC book 1 2 3 FULL PDF + AUDIO – Big Step TOEIC is one of the best TOEIC exam preparation materials for those who are trying to prepare TOEIC test to conquer high scores. The book was written by two Korean authors Kim Soyeong and Park Won to help under-time learners to review and improve TOEIC skills most effectively.

Introducing the BIG STEP TOEIC series

The advantage of Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3 is to write extremely easy to understand, the system of knowledge from basic to advanced is very close to the TOEIC test.

The exercises of Big STep TOEIC provide specific types of exercises under Listening and Reading TOEIC regularly, so learners will practice and stick with the nearest real exam.

Especially under each book, there are very complete explanations for each answer whether true or false. For the listening comprehension section, you can visit specific copies of listening to pictures, listening to questions and conversations, so that you can buy words or phrases that you have not heard.

New words, phrases and grammar points will be synthesized after each lesson so that learners can conveniently pay attention and summarize what they have learned.

Big Step TOEIC is a series of books compiled by two Korean authors Kim Soyeong and Park Won in order to help short-term learners to review and improve the TOEIC method most effectively.

Review of the BIG STEP TOEIC series 1 2 3

Big Step TOEIC is the most sought-after series because the content is well-designed for some classmates from beginner to intermediate and expensive.

The book helps learners improve their language skills and improve their TOEIC scores from low to high.

1. Attractive advantages of the book BIG STEP TOEIC

➤ Beautifully designed, scientific presentation, good looking, easy to read

➤ Writing extremely easy to understand, the system of knowledge from basic to advanced is very close to the real TOEIC test

➤ Provide specific types of exercises under the TOEIC Listening and TOEIC Reading regularly

➤ Communicate according to the diagram to apply to learning, not memorizing.

➤ The book includes transcript of some listening exercises with answers at the end of the book

➤ Compiled entirely in Vietnamese

2. Disadvantages of BIG STEP TOEIC books

➤ The explanation is quite long

➤ Some basic knowledge can easily be boring for some of you at intermediate and expensive levels

➤ The price of all three books is quite expensive in the market

Instructions for using the  Big Step TOEIC

TOEIC Big Step TOEIC learning material pack divided into 3 books each with different levels:

1. BIG STEP TOEIC 1: Elementary (TOEIC 400 – 550)

– Level of learners: Beginning TOEIC score 400 – 550

– Goal: Achieve 500 Toeic points

Toeic scores above 500 target points are quite many of you today, because most universities in Vietnam require a Toeic score of just over 450 Toeic.

This is the first book for TOEIC beginners who can familiarize themselves with the TOEIC test format and review the basic knowledge required. The objective of the study for this book is TOEIC 400 – 550.

➤ Link download: DOWNLOAD

2. BIG STEP TOEIC 2: Intermediate (TOEIC 500 – 750)

– Level of learners: Primary score of TOEIC 500 – 750

– Target: Achieve 630 – 700 Toeic points

After the first book you will move on to the second book, with a higher level or if you already have a solid new foundation knowledge, you should use this book to learn. The knowledge in the book is more advanced than the vocabulary, and the grammar and the question form will be difficult and follow the TOEIC test to improve the level of learners. This course is equivalent to a TOEIC score of 600 – 700.

➤ Link download: DOWNLOAD

3. BIG STEP TOEIC 3: Advanced (TOEIC 700 – 900+)

– Level of learners: TOEIC score 700 – 900 points

– Goal: Toeic score above 700

This book summarizes all the content learned about Listening as well as Reading in the first two books, Step1 and Step2. At the same time, providing you with more difficult questions that require you to make the most of your time when working on Toeic.

Big Step TOEIC 3 advanced books to help you conquer the TOEIC 990 maximum score. The book is only for those who have good knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and even good pronunciation. When practicing with this book, you will retest the entire knowledge in Big Step 1, 2 as well as practice with the TOEIC exam full preparation for your actual TOEIC exam.

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