Free Online Pentecostal Bible CollegeFree Online Pentecostal Bible College

There are lots of Students who wishes to learn about the bible in a pentecostal college but cannot due to their location, Hence, most bible schools offer online training programs to students who wish to learn more about the bible.

Free Online Pentecostal Bible College
Free Online Pentecostal Bible College

This is all to ensure Many people have access to Bible colleges to be sound in the scripture. Though, It is not only those who wish to open a church or be spiritual leaders that attend Bible Colleges.

Though, most individual who wishes to know more about the Bible do not apply for any Bible college due to the cost, however, there are several online pentecostal bible colleges you can apply for without paying a dime.

Hence, in this article, you will learn what a bible college is and How Online Pentecostal Bible College Works. You will also find a detailed list of some free online pentecostal bible colleges.

What Is A Bible College?

A Bible Pentecostal college is a type of college that teaches people about  Christian ministry, Bible schooling, and practical ways of handling a ministry. The main subject of the whole 4 years is the Bible, it is broken down into several courses depending on the ministry you want to venture into but all about the Bible is still being taught.

It offers undergraduate programs majorly but sometimes graduate programs are offered too. The difference between a seminary and a Bible college is that a seminar centers on pursuing a career in a certain ministry while a Bible college offers Bible education and more.

After completing the college courses, a certificate is awarded to students and they can teach the Bible and also open a ministry if they wish to.

How Does Free Online Pentecostal Bible College Work?

Aside from the tuition on-campus Bible colleges, there are also free online Pentecostal Bible colleges that you can apply for. Now how does it work?

Online means students won’t take classes physically, all the classes will be taken at home on their computer. All the courses are accredited and a certificate is awarded after completing the courses. A few hours in the day are allocated to the Bible college courses and the rest to the student’s activities for the day.

The leading schedule is made as flexible as possible to make time for the personal activities of the students. Another advantage of the free online Bible Pentecostal College is that no matter how far you are from the main campus, you can always get your degree program completed in due time.

It is also free, no tuition is paid, all you need will be required of you in the application form that you fill and you are good to go.

15 Free Online Bible Pentecostal College

If you are looking for free online Bible Pentecostal colleges to attend, here is a well-compiled list just for you.

  • Biblical Training Institute
  • Northpoint Bible College
  • University of the Holy Spirit
  • Prophetic Voice Institute
  • Free Gospel Bible Institute
  • Bethel University
  • Christian Leaders Institute
  • Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute
  • AMES International School of Ministry
  • Grace Christian University
  • Masters International University of Divinity
  • ICM’s Mini Bible College

#1. Biblical Training Institute

The biblical training institute is one of the free online Bible colleges in the world. It was established to train men and women about the Bible, its significance in ministry, and how to become a professor in Biblical teachings. Students are taught by professors of the Bible with a very flexible learning schedule.

It runs a no-tuition policy, completely free, all you need to do is apply for their undergraduate programs and get started. The school has an app, BiblicalTraining that can be used to access classes and seminars and even download and listen to classes if missed. It can be downloaded on the play store or google play.

In the first year of seminary, it’s best to attend the 12 core courses involving the Old and New Testament survey and other related courses before taking others.


#2. NorthPoint Bible College

NorthPoint Bible College is also another Bible College that offers a no-tuition policy. It is not easy to leave all other activities and career pursuits for Bible college, hence, North Pole decided to offer distant students an opportunity to take Bible courses online and get their certificate. This is easier and faster than traditional schooling.

After the application has been granted, the registration is done online on the academic office portal, then at your own convenient time, you start your course. Some degree programs offered at NorthPoint Bible College Online include; Associate in Arts Concentration in Bible/Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, Student Ministry, Children and Family Ministry, and Masters of Art in Theology.

It uses cloud-based technology, and all the files and history of students are stored in the cloud.


#3. University of The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit University is a Bible college that teaches the Bible in deeper ways and exposes the things that are not understood in the Bible. It is a school where readers and teachers of the Word of God are made. Not only do they study to be teachers but they also apply it in their personal life for spiritual growth and fervency.

The courses are worldwide given and available in English, Arabic, and other languages. The information required of you to feel is all on the school’s website, after filling, submit and await the response from the online Bible College.


#4. Prophetic Voice Institute

This is another Pentecostal  Bible college that offers free online Bible classes. The in-depth study of the word joint with sound doctrines taught makes it one of the best bible colleges in the world. The Bible information and teachings that cost thousands of dollars in seminaries and some Bible colleges are given for free here in PVC.

The study material can be printed out by students if needed. For online students, the course outline and materials are in soft copies mostly in PDF form for easy readability. There is absolutely no stress at all. It is not fully accredited but they offer sound teachings.

There is an optional exam & diploma option, after study if you wish to test your knowledge, an exam will be conducted and the certificate will be sent as a PDF with a token for printing.


#5. Free Gospel Bible Institute

From the name you can see that this online Pentecostal Bible college runs a no-tuition policy for students willing to know the Bible. Teaching false doctrine and wrong notions of the Bible is unacceptable in this college men and women are taught the truth in the word of God to right the wrong doctrines in the world today. It was established in 1957 at the Free Camp Gospel Meeting.

It’s a three-year Bible college with all-encompassing Bible courses, it is always an atmosphere to draw closer to God and farther from false doctrines and lies of the devil. All courses are taken online with a flexible learning scheme. It is more than just the education, there is always an experience to tell.


#6. Bethel University

At Bethel University, the online seminary program allows you to take courses on the Bible, Christian ministry, and sound doctrines. The Biblical studies certificate program is fully online, the courses taught help to interpret the Bible in small bits and how to use the Bible in ministry and one’s spiritual life.

Doctor of Ministry, Children’s and Family Ministry, and Transformational leadership are some of the free fully activated Bible courses that you can offer within 6 months and two years maximum if you want to further it in master’s degree programs.


#7. Christian Leaders Institute

When it free is mentioned? People don’t trust what it has to offer, they feel it is less if standard and not worth viewing, well that does not apply to the free online Bible classes that CLI offers. For quite a several years, this Bible college has been teaching the Bible from pages to pages to many people ready to hear the word of God and teach it too.

The training has over 150 mini-courses and some advanced college courses handled by professors of the Bible and Theology. The samples of the Bible class include the Old and New Testament survey, General Epistles and Acts.

Donations are given to the Bible college from so many people which is why the class is free. Some after seeing such huge knowledge decide to sow in the Bible college for many others to learn about the Word too.


#8. Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute

This is another highly recommended Bible College that offers online free Bible classes just like Grace Bible College Online. Jim Feeney who is a pastor and Bible scholar teaches the impact of the Bible in the early church and in our contemporary time. There is no way the truth can be spread if it is not taught.

With over 50 years of expertise in the ministry of the Bible, the Pentecostal Bible Institute is founded on the basics of the Bible in 2004, since then over 500 free Bible sermons have been preached.


#9. AMES International School of Ministry

AMES International School of ministry is also one of the best free online Pentecostal Bible colleges established in 2003. The free program gives you access to all 22 AISOM courses and after completion, your certificate in PDF form is sent to your email.No diploma or printed certificate will be given to you except you pay credit for your courses.

The word of God is expressly taught with ministry principles in the Kingdom. Review from all over the world shows that the school is a genuine bible school recommended for someone wanting to know the Lord and his word deeply.

Donations help pay for the free classes, with no financial aid from the government or any government funding association.


#10. Grace Christian University

Grace Christian University is a fully accredited evangelical university situated in Wyoming, Michigan. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

There are various biblical degree programs in this college ranging from the associate degree to the master’s degree. It runs 100% e-learning for students due to busy schedules and distance and helps with Bible study online free.


#11. Masters International University of Divinity

The free Bible study program leads the students to in-depth study and love for the Bible. Major misconceptions and key cases about the Bible have been explained backing up with scriptural references. It is perfect for new converts or a hungry soul wanting to know the Bible.

Courses available are courses about the Trinity, the salvation of man, judgment, Christian life, future, and Bible surveys on some old testament books like Genesis, Leviticus, and Psalms. It was founded on March 30, 1999.


#12. ICM’s Mini Bible College

This is one of the online pentecostal bible schools that runs a free apply policy for interested students. The word is not just being taught, it is also spread through our phones and large networks across the world. They aim to break the language barrier for Christians by studying the word and listening to sermons and prayers.

They are connected with many Christian networks too in the world who also teach these free Bible courses in the college. Courses on Christ’s sermon on the mount and so on are taught with sound doctrines.

Pentecostal College Bible Study Course

The Pentecostal Bible study course covers about 250 lessons in the Bible and over 100 Bible topics that must be perfectly understood while reading and while teaching. A lot of books have been written on it both in hard copy or ebook forming depending on your choice.

You will find the Old and New Testament survey in it, the Christian life, Christ’s sermons on Earth and lessons, the Acts of the Apostles, and many more. Whatever material you get to study the Bible, ensure it is free of false doctrine so you can enjoy the blessings in the Holy Book.

Free Theology Degree Online

Here are a few free theology degree online.

  • BTh. biblical Studies
  • BTh.Christian Education
  • BTh.Christian Social Network
  • MTh.Christian Counseling
  • MTh.Ministry


Ignorance of the Bible is no longer an excuse, you can study the word of God deeply online by taking free online Bible classes in some top Bible colleges in the world. Not just studying the word, if you wish to start a ministry and you need to acquire more knowledge, apply now to any of the free online Bible colleges and get certified.

FAQs On Free Online Pentecostal Bible College

Is online church biblical?

It is not stated anywhere in the Bible that you can attend it or you can not. It is just a better way fo balance up other areas of life with spiritual unlike doing nothing at all.

Are there free online pentecostal bible study courses?

Yes, there are; such as Christian education, Counselling, and Ministry with degree programs too.

Is the church of God pentecostal?

Wherever the truth is preached and practiced, the Spirit of God abides.


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